Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Adding more DNS tools to BT4 part 3

The next tool is subdomainer.py

To get it, download the .tar here

Again you can save it wherever, I chose /pentest/enumeration/
untar the package cd to the directory chmod +x the subdomainer.pyand then you are set to go.
To untar the package tar xvf subd*
Deleted the tarball rm -rf subdomainer.tar

Generic usage is:

root@dorkness:/pentest/enumeration/subdomainer# python subdomainer.py

*Subdomainer Ver. 1.3b *
*Coded by Christian Martorella *
*Edge-Security Research *
*laramies2k@yahoo.com.ar *

usage: subdomainer.py options

-d: domain to search
-l: limit of results to work with. (msn and yahoo goes in 10 to 10
google in 100's, and pgp does not need this option)
-m: data source (msn, yahoo, google, pgp-veridis, all)

-o: output to html file. (optional, good for long lists.)

subdomainer.py -d microsoft.com -l 200 -m google

subdomainer.py -d microsoft.com -l 100 -m all -o microsoft.html


Due to the length of the results I will leave it to you to run them.


mobileblogger said...

Does subdomainer work? I've tried to use it a lot of times but after executing, it displays "no results found" message and closes.

Anonymous said...

Does subdomainer work?
I have tried and gives me no result.