Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BackTrack 4 Pre Final

There is a new blog for Back-Track 4 located at Offensive-Security
The pre-final will be available for those who are subscribed to informer.
If you don't know what it is check it out. Basically Johnny Long uses the platform to help needy children in Africa. Even if you don't care about BT the work he does is worth the donation.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update to latest Frefox

There have been some problems getting the default firefox to update on bt4
the reason this seems to not work is that the normal install routine for firefox is to save the firefox script to /opt
When using the firefox updater it looks for the script in /opt and as such it can not find it.
One needs to remember that normal *nix boxes are setup for several users to be able to access and have their own settings for applications saved into a "home" directory. Since BT is designed for one user "root" things are a bit different.
Firefox in bt is saved under /usr/bin/firefox as a symbolic link to /usr/lib/firefox
So if you want to make your firefox install a bit more like a "normal" distro you can follow along.
First download the latest firefox from here

Next grab a shell and back up your bookmarks and settings:

root@dorkbox:~# cp -R ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.backup

Now move to the directory containing your new FF

root@dorkbox:~#cd opt


root@dorkbox:/opt/#tar -jxvf firefox-3.0.10tar.bz2


root@dorkbox:/opt/#rm firefox-3.0.10.tar.bz2


root@dorkbox:/opt/#nano /usr/bin/firefox

Find the part that has the following:
and change it to
save and exit.
Then move to /usr/bin/ and change firefox-3.0 to firefox-3.0.old Then rm the old firefox script in the same directory.
(FYI NOTE: The script is called "firefox")
Copy the new firefox script from firefox-3.0.10 to /usr/bin
Then nano /usr/bin/firefox find the line that looks like the following;
moz_libdir=/usr/local/lib/firefox-3.0.5 (it might have been a little different.
Change it to
save and exit.

Now you should be able to enjoy your pr0n from within BT as always.
It should start from a shell, and the panel icon as well as the menu icon.

NOTE: There may be an easier way or better way to do this but it works for me.