Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Using NeXpose in Back Track 4

So here is Using NeXpose in Back Track 4. In this video, I will setup a simple scan of a Windows server. After the scan I briefly show the results that are produced.
If you haven't seen the install video, then it is here on the blog so take a look at it too.
I hope you enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice stuff, I hope it remains free.

Just dropping by to say hi.

Merry Christmas,


JPN said...

Hi Archangel,

I'm james here. I have problem running NeXpose on BT4 when try to integrate it with metasploit. I have followed every single step from your video and not sure what have happened with the cmd nexpose_connect.

problem with nexpose integrate with metasploit running on backtrack 4

undefined local variable or method url for nexpose api

[*] NeXpose integration has been activated
[*] Successfully loaded plugin: nexpose
msf > nexpose_connect nxadmin:@
[*] Connecting to NeXpose instance at with username nxadmin...
[-] Error while running command nexpose_connect: undefined local variable or method `url' for #Nexpose::APIRequest:0xb561c050

YaKhOo said...

thanks MR Angel
always a plaisir to read comment, articles

Merci beaucoup :)