Thursday, March 20, 2008

Small SipVicious Guide

Small SipVicious Guide

This is a small guide on getting the SipVicious tool pack

SIPVicious suite is a set of tools that can be used to audit SIP based systems. It currently consists of four tools:

* svmap - this is a sip scanner. Lists SIP devices found on an IP range
* svwar - identifies active extensions on a PBX
* svcrack - an online password cracker for SIP PBX
* svreport - manages sessions and exports reports to various formats

The home page is located here: Blog

The code is here: Code

SipVicious requires python 2.4 or greater. For BT2 and 3 beta you have this so no need to worry.

There is a video tutorial that will help you out on setting it up and a small walk through using the tools located here:
This video uses the tools found on the Getting Started page below.

There is also a page with info on setting up a VMware player and Trixbox image to use SipVicious against located here:

The whole thing is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

Have fun with your SIP auditing!

Special thanks to Sandro Gauci for making the tools and video!

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