Sunday, November 15, 2009

Up and Running with OpenVAS in Back Track 4 part 2

As promised here is part two of Up and Running with OpenVAS in Back Track 4. This time we will update the NVT (network vulnerability tests) database.
Then we will setup a scan against a generic vanilla install of windows server 2008.
I hope you enjoy and find it useful.
The video can be found on here
You can also get it at Vimeo here.
You can also find it at the Remote-Exploits (Back Track) Forums here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Up and running with OpenVAS in BT4

Just as the title says this is a small video on getting OpenVAS setup and running.
A brief walk through on adding a user to the system, creating a certificate for the user, starting the server and client, setting up a task with scope and running the task, within Back | Track 4.
The video is available here on
And here on vimeo
You can also watch it below.

Up and Running with OpenVAS in Back Track 4 from archangel.amael on Vimeo.

In the next video I will walk through updating the OpenVas Server and running a task in the dork-lab network.